Pinterest Secrets for Your Business

Interested in the potential of Pinterest and want to use it in your business?

Pinterest can be an important tool for your business if used correctly. According to Shareaholic data, Pinterest continues to garner more social media traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Youtube, Google and Linkedin. And according to Piqora, the average pin result is 0.78 per sale. Not bad, right? If this data has generated interest in the business on Pinterest, read our little “guide”.

If you don’t know what Pinterest is, then in short it can be described as follows: it is a bulletin board like those same cork boards that we had as children and still hang in someone’s office. Taking the concept of these boards as a basis, Pinterest created a social network that allows users to collect online photo collections, something like online photo albums. On this photo sharing website, users can create albums related to a particular theme or trend.

Pinterest is a great option for brands as it can act as a portal for their products, services and content.

This is an opportunity to “strengthen” the position of content, leaving social interaction a secondary role. Brands will finally be able to understand, not who, but what people are interested in.

Whether you’re on Pinterest or a rookie, don’t hesitate to check out some tricks that will make your experience on this site so much better.

Create quality content on your board

You can put quality content on the board and curate it in the same way you do on other social networks. Pin products and content to your Pinterest themed boards, and don’t forget to add links to help you track Pinterest traffic.

Make sure your products, services and content are presented in a favorable light.

This is important, since it is the visual part that attracts people. You need to use at least 10 boards with 4 pins each, because this creates the first impression of your site (or “first screen”, as the designers say).

Never leave boards empty! After viewing the first 10 boards, people will start scrolling down to see more. You need to make a good impression on those who visit your site. They need to know that you are active, interested, and have great content.

Brand your business

Make sure your business name is on your Pinterest profile. If you brand your name, you can use it as your “username” for your Pinterest profile.

The About section includes a brief description of who you are and what your interests are. This section is similar to Twitter’s “bio” section; it should be moderately concise, while giving a clear and complete picture of your business. Link your account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. And, of course, don’t forget the website link. It will appear as a direct link under the bio section.

Like other people’s Pins

If you see Pins that you like, but are not of significant interest to your audience and do not make you want to pin them to one of your boards, just like them.

Every time you like someone’s Pin, it shows up in that person’s activity feed. Which, in turn, can get their attention and they will follow you.

Use hashtags for word search results

This works the same way as it does on Twitter. You can use hashtags to highlight keywords in Pin descriptions. For example, if you want to be found under the keyword “travel”, use #travel in your description. The increase in the number of followers directly depends on the ease of finding your content. And the more followers, the more ads.

Mention other users

You can mention other users in Pinterest comments or Pin descriptions to grab their attention or learn something specific.

“Mention” works the same as it does on Facebook and Twitter. Just type the @ symbol before you start typing someone’s name. After that, a drop-down box will appear where your request will be displayed for selection.

One quick clarification: you can only mention users who follow at least one of your boards. When you mention someone using this method, they will receive an email notification (if enabled in their personal settings) and a link in your post will point to their profile.

Use the Pinterest Browser Extension for Better Pinning

Pinterest offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. After downloading the extensions, a red “Pin It” button will appear in the upper right corner of your browser toolbar. Through it, you can easily and quickly “stumble” interesting things that you saw during