Pinterest – My Wins and Mistakes

Reading English-language blogs, I often come across articles in which bloggers not only post financial reports, but also reveal in detail the mechanisms for increasing traffic to the site.

One of the frequently used tools in English speaking markets is Pinterest. And although my profile is already several years old, I have not developed it for more than a year, because the results that I received did not satisfy me at all (the article will focus on English-speaking markets). However, I decided to try again.

What is Pinterest?

Those who think that Pinterest is a social network are simply mistaken. Pinterest is a search tool, although less advanced than Google or Yandex. In order to successfully promote accounts on Pinterest, you need to study Pinterest SEO and develop a strategy. Everything is the same as with the usual promotion in Google or Yandex.

The second misconception is that many people think that Pinterest is all about recipes, drawings or tattoos. It is here that representatives of financial and insurance companies, the automotive industry (for example, Toyota, Honda), app developers, travel companies, etc. communicate with their customers. If you are engaged in international business and want to conquer English-speaking markets, you cannot do without Pinterest.

Today Pinterest is used by more than 300 million users, 84% of them use it to make a purchase, and 77% of them learn about a new brand on Pinterest. (Source)

If you’re still hesitating, check out the profiles of companies that have been successful with this search engine here.

Pinterest for business

Pinterest can be used for several purposes. This is a quick and cheap way (practically free) to introduce a new product to the market and test customer interest. (Read about Growth Hacking in Yulia Rakova’s article). Pinterest is a great way to grow your subscriber base. Just create a Pin and offer something free like an e-book. Given the fact that Pin’s “lifespan” is approximately 2 years, this is a good sales tactic.

By developing a competent strategy, this search engine will work great for both the B2B and B2C sectors. You may be surprised, but you can make money on Pinterest without even having your own website. The most important thing here is to carefully read the requirements of the platform.

If you first want to figure out if it makes sense to promote on Pinterest, enter a relevant keyword and analyze the results.

Pinterest – keyword search

Pinterest – search for keywords based on categories
The second way to check is to find any English-language blog with this icon. Enter a keyword and you will see statistics.

Pinterest Ideas Based on Search Stats

Pinterest for Business – Key Benefits
Pinterest is not just a social network, but a platform that works on search engine algorithms. Basically, it’s an image search engine. For example, in the USA it is used to search for images in 70% of cases.

Business benefits:

1. All pins are indexed by search engines

All information and keywords appear in the search results, so if you set up the pins correctly, the chance of being noticed by customers increases many times over.

2. Pins live a very long time.

Because Pinterst is different from other social networks, the popularity of posts (Pins) is not determined by how long ago they were published. Pins created even several years ago may appear in the user’s feed. The main thing is that they correspond to his interests. On Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and other networks where content is posted in a feed format, content gets lower and lower in the feed over time, as a result, old posts become inaccessible. With Pinterest, you don’t have to worry about your efforts being in vain. Any pins, regardless of their age, will somehow appear in the recommendations of other users.

3. Audience ready to convert

In social networks, people communicate and relax, they are not interested in shopping, so it is more difficult to convince them to buy something from you. Pinterest is a visual search engine, and if people are looking for something, then they want to solve their problem, and your product / service can come in very handy. The main thing is to correctly register tags and keywords.

4. Pinterest has less competition

Since Pinterest is not as popular a platform as, for example, Instagram, which is also based on visual content, here you can slowly study the algorithms of the platform and choose the most suitable promotion strategy.

5. No changes on Pinterest

Unlike other modern sites, there are not so many new tools and features appearing here. You don’t need to spend time self-learning and mastering new features to effectively manage your Pinterest account.