Pinterest is more than just a site

It has evolved into a visual search engine with many inspiring elements.

Pinterest gives your business a unique opportunity to showcase what your products or services can do. You can use the platform to provide solutions or inspiration to your target audience.

If you haven’t started using Pinterest for your business yet, here are some statistics that will convince you to do so as soon as possible.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 23 Pinterest stats every marketer should know, and give you plenty of reasons to make Pinterest part of your marketing strategy in 2020.

In fact, the service is an electronic “board” to which you can attach photographs, illustrations and other graphic materials found on the Web (although some online retailers have already managed to set up sales and promotions of their clothing and footwear stores there, but the phenomenon until it becomes mainstream).

Who is the main audience of this social media service?

According to the aggregated data from comScore, which the authors used to create this infographic, about 28% of users are people with an income of $ 100 thousand per year who spend at least 15 minutes daily on the site, and the vast majority of them (more than 68%) – they are women; and half of all users of the service are people who have children.
The main audience of the resource is between the ages of 25 and 34, they prefer to share other people’s content rather than upload their own.
In addition, Pinterest generates an impressive amount of referral traffic compared to several other, more mature social networks and sites that have been known to the Internet audience for years.

Some interesting facts about Pinterest.

According to Comscore research, eight out of ten moms use Pinterest in the US. Women are also the main decision-makers regarding the purchase of goods and services for the home.

The high usage of Pinterest by women may be due to the fact that it encourages users to create emotional connections with the platform. Pinterest ranked #1 in 2019 among apps and social platforms in Brand Affinity.

The women were very passionate about the platform and ensured it was ranked 19th in the industry among the closest platforms and apps. These statistics make Pinterest a great platform for marketers targeting women in their products.

  • Phenomenal growth since launch – 70 million users. Free registration is open only in mid-2012.
  • A great traffic channel for B2C marketers, all experts agree.
  • 28% of users are people with an income of $100,000 or more per year who spend at least 15 minutes daily on the site.
  • According to statistics, 50% of users have children.
  • Product images posted on the board get 36% more “likes” if the price of the product is included.
    60% of users are women.
  • World brands such as Genegal Electric, Microsoft have had accounts in this network for a long time. From this we can conclude that the network is quite suitable for B2B marketing.
  • The US Army uses Pinterest to attract potential recruits to its ranks.
  • The majority of users prefer to share other people’s content rather than upload their own. By the way, there is a wonderful mobile application for iOS and Android to navigate the expanses of Pinterest.
  • 24.7% of users aged 25-34, 22.1% aged 35-44, 17.9% aged 45-54.
  • Just like on Instagram, Pinterest users don’t really like to leave comments, preferring “likes” and “repins” (similar to the “share” button on Facebook).
  • Pinterest offers business solutions and APIs for developers.