Pinterest as a business site

We will answer the questions, what is “Pinterest” and “Pinterest boards”, consider “Pinterest” as a business site

Many people mistakenly think that you can only earn money on Instagram or Facebook, but this is not so. There are other, less popular social networks with which you can develop and promote your business. We invite you to get acquainted with Pinterest and consider it as a marketing tool.


Pinterest is a specialized social network, a platform for visualizing ideas. Anyone who has a Pinterest account can create themed boards with pins – photo and video content. When you replenish your board by attaching a pin, you “pin”. So, on the Tattoo board, you can kick, that is, collect various sketches. Pictures of other users can also be attached to your boards, in other words, repin. In these cases, the original information is saved under the publications – the author of the pin and comments.

You can add your own notes to such a pin, place it in the desired section.

It turns out that Pinterest is not only a social network, but also a search service. You can follow other users, view and save their Pins, find inspirational posts using keywords. The system, analyzing your activity, compiles a feed of ideas from pictures of different users, which matches your interests and is regularly updated. And vice versa: your Pins can be recommended to other users. In proportion to the activity under your pins (likes, repins, etc.), your popularity will grow. Pinterest promotes the content itself, and your task is to make it creative and attractive.

Development in Pinterest does not require material investments: your pins will be displayed to users by keywords, and the social network will recommend them to people with similar preferences.

About eight months ago, Pinterest had 400 million users, 2/3 of whom used the social network as a search engine for ideas, proven products and services. Most of those registered on Pinterest are solvent people aged 18-24. However, Pinterest is not suitable for all companies. We recommend using it to those who are engaged in business in the mass segment in the global market. Pinterest will be useful for content creators that can be played with a visual point of view: for example, people with their own clothing line or confectioners who produce wedding cakes. In fact, this social network promotes various products: from news sites to specialized clinics.


A business can get traffic and leads through Pinterest, there are many examples of this. So, 90 percent of the traffic comes to Varvara Lyalyagina from Pinterest, and the Mel media has huge monthly coverage on this social network. Pinterest is also used by international business giants, so the Internet resource is suitable for “promotion”, including those who plan to work in the foreign market. It may be interesting: Basic rules for promoting a business online We decided to share with you a scheme that will help you develop a business on Pinterest.


Instead of thinking about post ideas every day, make a plan where you distribute your content by day. It is desirable that the pins are replenished daily – this will positively affect the statistics. The nature of publications depends on the direction of your business: the owner of an online store needs to choose attractive product photos; those who want to attract traffic to the blog should also design the visual part, for example, compose infographics or prepare illustrations on the topic; if you are a designer, use the platform as a portfolio, uploading the best of your work to it; Do not forget to attach a link to the site or product in the description of the publication. Also, to reduce the time spent on promotion, you can set up the publication of pins from the RSS feed. An option for those who post fresh content every day.