Underestimated Pinterest

But your content should have beautiful pictures, of course!

Pinterest is a popular platform for Americans: as of January 2022, the majority of users are 86.35% US residents. However, the service can become an effective tool for promoting business among Russians as well. Especially now against the backdrop of the blocking of other Western social networks. TexTerra figured out whether promotion on Pinterest is effective, how much traffic you can get from there and how to do it.

We talk about Pinterest because it brings traffic even in difficult niches. Let’s take the statistics of clicks to our website from social networks – Pinterest is in third place, although we do not actually develop an account there. The social network simply automatically picks up our publications. At the same time, in one of the years we received more than 75,000 uniques and 91,000 visits from there.

What is Pinterest

Pinterest, according to the study, as of January 2022, ranks 14th in the ranking of global social networks in terms of the number of visits – about 444 million monthly active users. Initially, people come to the social network for inspiration. Of these, 97% are not looking for a specific brand. And they are looking for recipes, fashionable clothes, interior design, gift ideas. Therefore, for businesses, this is a great chance to promote themselves through visual search.

Users place pictures, videos, so-called pins on the Pinterest virtual board. In fact, these are photo posts to which you can add a description of the product. At check-in, standard boards are offered. Each has its own theme, you can create any number of your boards, indicating the name, for example, “Gifts”, “Countries”. You can attach a link to the brand’s website to each pin. The total number of pins saved by the audience is 240 billion, the number of boards is 5 billion.

In addition, you can save the content you like for yourself – make a repost. It’s called “repin”. As in other social networks, such content in some cases quickly spreads over the network, becomes viral. Top ranked accounts get free traffic. It helps promote your business on Pinterest. You can also subscribe to people here – then you will see their repins and pins in the feed. You can also subscribe to individual boards. Options are also available:

  • private messages;
  • user engagement (allows you to complain, block an account, delete a comment);
  • Editing and deleting Pins – Please note that deleted Pins are not restored. Therefore, remove from the boards and their sections only those that you definitely no longer need.

On Pinterest, on a business page, you can promote your products and services, share content, view statistics, share your account with other people, and run ads. However, the advertising account is not available for owners of online stores .

But you can try to bypass the system – select a country available for the target in the advertising account.

To do this, you will need to link a payment method in the local currency of one of these countries and fill out a detailed questionnaire for the company you “represent” … But why all these difficulties if you can promote products on Pinterest absolutely free – without advertising.

Should Brands Promote on Pinterest?

It all depends on what exactly you are promoting and who your target audience is. According to a survey conducted among people aged 25-54, the social network plays an important role in purchasing decisions:

  • 89% use Pinterest to plan something – repairs, holidays, travel, and in general to bring their ideas to life, to be inspired to buy;
  • 80% of mothers come to the site in search of ideas for decorating children’s parties, ideas for gifts, children’s crafts;
  • 55% of users make a purchase more often if they see an image or video on Pinterest;