Is Pinterest for Business

Why and who should go there

The noise and stress around the blocking of banned social networks is gradually subsiding, the question arises for companies where to go and what to do. For brands in which the visual is important, VKontakte is not exactly a full-fledged replacement. One non-obvious option to consider in this case is Pinterest. Alina Kornilova, an SMM specialist at Molinos, analyzed the features of the site, who it is suitable for, and how a business can advance there.

Why you should pay attention to Pinterest. Site overview

Pinterest is a visual platform for finding inspiration and ideas to bring to life. For example, gifts, recipes, clothing style, home improvement, holidays and parties, travel, design, and more.

In fact, this is the same social network as the banned Instagram. It allows you to upload images and videos, comment on them, combine them by topic and share them with others, and subscribe to interesting users and brands.

Pinterest audience

Pinterest has an active and engaged audience from zoomers and millennials to retirees. All of them are looking for ideas, inspiration and just having a good time here.

The audience of the site is constantly growing. In 2021 alone, Pinterest added 124 million new monthly active users (27.01% of the total existing user base).

According to statistics from Pinterest, women make up over 60% of the platform’s international audience. The largest segment is women from 24 to 54 years old. This is a solvent segment, they are ready to interact with brands, buy goods and services that will interest them. At the same time, the audience of male piners from generation Z is growing by 40% annually. But the key audience of users so far are residents of the United States and Europe.

What kind of business is the site suitable for?

Most of all, Pinterest will suit those brands whose products or services can be visually advantageously presented. For example, the sphere of fashion, cosmetics, food, decor, travel, training, leisure.

In general, the following categories can be distinguished:

– brands related to interior, home improvement, home appliances;

– beauty;

– clothes, footwear and accessories;

– food brands, restaurants;

– travel brands;

– brands related to health and fitness;

– companies organizing holidays and parties;

– tattoo studios;

– hand-made brands.

The platform is also suitable for brands that can share useful information in the form of checklists, mini-tutorials, infographics, quotes, and illustrations.

Particularly suitable for brands that are not tied to locations and international brands. At the same time, Pinterest is not suitable for small local companies.

Advantages of the social network

  • Allows you to find inspiration, interesting ideas and products. In essence, this is something like a visual search engine that helps people find content that suits their query and style.
    It is the interested audience that is concentrated on the site. People are looking for examples of interiors, home improvement, trendy looks and haircuts, recipes, workouts, life hacks in the household, ideas for special events and hobbies.
  • There is a smart tape. As you use the site, it remembers the preferences of the person and shows him the companies/brands that may be of interest. It also displays Pins related to the people and boards you follow. That is, the platform itself begins to select content for you that will be interesting.
  • There is a Pinterest Lens function: it allows you to take a picture of an item and find ideas for using it. You can also upload a photo from your gallery and find related Pins.
  • You can link a website to your account and use the social network for business and sales tasks. You can also view website traffic analytics, add a logo to pins. To do this, you need to confirm the site by installing a special code.
  • On Pinterest, unlike other social networks, the date of publication does not affect its popularity and ranking in the feed. This means that any pins will be shown in the feed and search results, regardless of their “age”, along with fresh ones.