How to increase your Instagram reach with Pinterest

Pinterest can become a source of additional traffic for your Instagram account or website.

But you should not count on large coverage by simply linking Instagram and Pinterest. You need to publish pins (posts) that will be of interest to users and use free promotion methods.

Pinterest is a visual information search engine used by over 250 million people every month. With it, you can visualize ideas and post your own. Many people use Pinterest as a directory of beautiful pictures. Looking for ideas on design, travel and even recipes. Some bloggers draw inspiration here for the design of their Instagram feed, and photographers get ideas for photo shoots.
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An active audience, so you can move organically faster than on Instagram.

In each pin (post) you can add a link to any site. That is, subscribers from Pinterest can be redirected to your Instagram account.
A Pinterest account can get into the search results of Yandex and Google. It is enough to add keywords to the description and title of pins (posts). Keywords can be selected through the Wordstat service.
Pinterest has been underestimated by users for quite some time and has only been gaining momentum in the last couple of years.
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You are already on Pinterest!

Some companies do not have their own Pinterest account (many have not even heard of this social network), but they still receive traffic from this service. How? — users from Pinterest themselves publish content from the company’s website or its social networks, which they consider useful and interesting. Thus, even without an official Pinterest account, you can have pins from your own company and benefit.

Mentions by nickname from Instagram cannot be verified in this way. But perhaps such a useful feature will appear soon.
My future clients started writing to me on Pinterest sometime in the summer of 2018, although I didn’t create a profile there myself and didn’t post anything. First thoughts are scammers, but of course not! Pinterest publishes content from the Internet, leaving links to their authors. And clients from there periodically come to me, although so far no profile has been created there.

How do I know if customers are switching from Pinterest?

They write to me about it. They give an example of my work from there, they are interested, a dialogue starts and, as a result, my services for profile packaging are sold. About 1-3 people from this resource write to me a month. What will happen when I start my page on Pinterest and publish my work there?! There is reason to think.

Registering and creating a profile on Pinterest
If the company’s content is posted by other users, this proves that its audience is on Pinterest. And this is just an additional reason to create your own account in this visual search network.


After registration, connect a free business profile to see advanced analytics: which pins and boards have the most response (popularity), which reach, etc.

Profile design

Add an avatar (photo or company logo) and account description. Indicate the topic, how the profile can be interesting and useful to other Pinterest users, add the address (city) and a link. In the description, use keywords on the selected topic.

For example:

Account name: Photographer first name+surname
Description: Do you want to make an unusual photo shoot on the street or in the studio? Then contact me!
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Profile setup

Specify the name, type (blogger, service, products, media, etc.). Add an email, a link to a website or an Instagram account (the profile must be non-private).

If you have provided a link to a website on Pinterest, then you can additionally link your profile to both Instagram and YouTube. After connecting, you can get statistics on them.

Next, select related topics that match your business profile (so that Pinterest more relevantly defines your company’s industry/niche). This is required for future Pins to appear in search results and recommendation feeds for related interests and other users’ followings.