How to become popular on Pinterest

Pinterest is not only a source of inspiration for millions, but also a great tool for
promotion of a website, blog, Instagram page, YouTube channel or Tik Tok account.

The algorithms of this interesting social network allow you to gain a lot of subscribers and assets without
any monetary investments (or with them, if you need a quick result).
Yes, anyone can become popular on Pinterest. It just takes dedication, time and
creativity. And also reading this article from Inspiratedd, because my acquaintance with Pinterest
ended with tender love and an increase in traffic to the site by 3 times! And the number keeps growing

How to start promoting on Pinterest?

  1. The first thing to do is to switch your account to business mode. This is how we get access to
    analytics. We go to the profile settings.
  2. Clearly define the goals to be pursued. For example, to increase the number of subscribers in
    Instagram, collect a lot of readers on the site, successful sales, video views or just
    increase online awareness.

Adaptation to the interests of the audience. It is important to understand what people come to Pinterest for
inspiration, interesting things and life hacks. Ask yourself a question:

“What are the needs of the people
satisfies what I do?”.
For example, if you need to sell a skirt, then you create a blog
online store article:
“Stylish looks this fall”

Where you casually suggest going to
product page. And then you post a pin:
“Here’s what’s going to be trendy this fall.”
You also make a pin:
“Best skirts at bargain prices”
With a beautiful photo and an active link. If the goods
branded, then a beautiful photo and the name of the product in the description of the pin will suffice.

Promoting your Instagram page with a selfie? Submit your photos with sauce:
”Ideas for a photo shoot”

Cooking delicious chicken on video? Create a pin:
“Delicious meal for lunch”

Does having a Pinterest account affect the SEO of a website in search engines?

Yes! By posting pins with a link to your site, you create a safe, free and high-quality
link mass, which will have a very positive effect on the attitude of search engines to your site. Also
Often in search results, Google displays pictures from Pinterest in the first places. And usually they
much more attractive than those shown from other resources.

How to create pins for Pinterest?

You can pay for the services of a designer. Or you can create your own pins. We need a 9 by 16 picture. It is the vertical image that will collect more reactions and
attention than square. Checked.
Creating a pin begins with the selection of a visual component. It could be your photo. If you are
if you want to use someone else’s, then do it legally, please.

Looking for free photobanks
I can advise Pixabay

Next, we select beautiful fonts and create a watermark (or you can just enter the name
your resource, alias).

We turn on the imagination and begin to show our creative abilities.
Text on image
should be no less attractive than the picture itself and encourage you to make a click.
So and
it turns out a pin that will bring you popularity in the future.

How to write descriptions for pins?

Let’s start creating a post. After uploading the image, you will need to fill in three
lines. Pin name, description and link. It is important that the information in the description matches
The description and title of the pin should contain keywords for which the user
find your post.

To do this, we are looking for an icon
“magnifying glass” Click on it and start writing,
for example, the word “bags” if you plan to post a Pin:
“fashion bags this year”

This is how we get offers from Pinterest: bags 2020 trends, college bags, bags
do it yourself
These are our keywords that will be used in the Pin description.
Additionally, we use generalizing words. For example, accessories, style, fashion, what to wear.

Also, if you just click on the magnifying glass and scroll down, we will see “Popular on Pinterest”. This information should be taken into account when creating a Pin and selecting keywords.