Pinterest for bloggers

Generating traffic to your site, including foreign ones.

Studying your target audience: you see who your target audience is, understand their interests and preferences, and you can adapt the content.
Strengthening a personal brand, increasing audience loyalty and additional socialization.
How does Pinterest help you get visitors to your blog? Everything is simple. According to Google, the Pinterest site has a high ranking. When you sign up for a Pinterest account and cross-link it to your blog, Google starts indexing it across multiple channels. By posting photos on Pinterest, keyword-rich descriptions, and increasing the number of quality inbound links, you are effectively doubling your chances of being seen by the search engine.

Even just by registering an account and duplicating pictures from the blog, you provide passive traffic to the site. And if you also put in the effort to grow your Pinterest account by interacting with other Pinners, you’ll reach even more audience through internal Pinterest search.

In addition, you can use Pinterest as an online store where you can buy and sell.

A lot of people use Pinterest as a Google equivalent, so if you’re making, selling, or writing instructions, Pinterest can be very helpful for you.

Here is what Varvara Lyalyagina, the author of the blog “The House You Want to Come to”, the author of the Start Blog Up project and a Pinterest follower, thinks about Pinterest.

Pinterest is suitable for the authors of any standalone blogs. The main algorithm by which the platform works is links to website pages. Pinterest is hardly suitable for promoting Instagram. As for the topics, there is an opinion that this network is only for the dissemination of beautiful pictures of interiors, outfits, recipes and DIY projects. These are indeed the most popular categories, but at the same time there are many tips for sports, travel, business, even 6 proven tips on how to grow a beautiful beard. Do not be afraid that the topic is narrow.

Pinterest is suitable for promoting commercial blogs.

First, with Pinterest, you can promote your posts and drive new traffic to them. Secondly, you can pin product photos in your online store. Thirdly, you can promote a post that integrates information about a product or service. For example, I had a post “25+ things to do after the post is written”, it was successfully distributed on Pinterest. After that, clients started coming to me. In the States, the latest innovation is already working – pins that you can buy (buyable pins). You are looking for a scarf, and the search system gives you the first line of photos of scarves that already have a price, and by clicking on the card, you can buy a product without leaving the platform.

I see how the popularity of the platform is growing, and most importantly, it brings stable traffic and customers.

The post about promoting a blog on Pinterest describes in detail the strategy and life hacks – take it and do it!

To effectively use the tools that Pinterest offers as a business (and blog) owner, you need to sign up for a business account and verify ownership of the site. Now you can use widgets and buttons to help you get more repins and clicks from your site. Add Pinterest buttons to your blog photos to make it easy for readers to pin photos from your blog by clicking the Pinterest icon in the picture, and your logo or profile picture will show up on Pins saved from your site.