All about Pinterest

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visual tool for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more.

With millions of Pins on Pinterest, you can always find one that will inspire you. Save your favorite Pins to boards to help you organize and find ideas easily. You can also create Pins to share your ideas with other Pinterest users.

View your feed

Based on your activity on Pinterest, your feed shows Pins, users, and businesses that you might be interested in. It also displays Pins from boards and user profiles that your subscriptions are associated with.

You can search for Pins by keywords. Try typing “birthday” in the search bar and you’ll be prompted for birthday decoration ideas, holiday recipes, gift ideas, and more.

Search for ideas

Use the search bar to find ideas, people, and popular queries. Browse suggested topics or topics that interest you. Click Profiles on the search page to find authors, users, and brands based on your search terms. Use your camera to find ideas similar to your photos and narrow down your beauty results by skin tone range and hair type.

Save ideas, bring them to life and shop with pins
Pins are bookmarks that users use to save Pinterest content they like. Pins can be images, videos, or products.

An image of a Pin that indicates the various elements that make up the Pin.
Clicking on a Pin will take you to a website where you can learn how to make or buy the items on the Pin. When you find a Pin you like, save it to your board using the Save button. Found a great cake recipe? Add a comment to tell users how it turned out, or write useful tips.

Sometimes you will find Pins that your friends might like. Click the Share icon to share interesting Pins with friends and groups by sending them directly in a message. You can also use messages to chat with friends. You can display your messages by clicking the ellipsis conversation icon on your computer, or by clicking the ellipsis conversation icon and then selecting Messages on your mobile device.

You can also search for items to buy on Pinterest. Simply select a shopping pin and click on it to go to the merchant’s website.

Create Pins

On Pinterest, you can create different types of Pins. To create a Pin, upload an image from your computer or mobile device. You can also create and save Pins based on images you find online. Add a title and description to each new Pin, and add a website link if you have one. You can edit your Pin information at any time and move it to any board.

You can create Idea Pins to include multiple videos, images, lists, and custom text. Use Idea Pins to create walkthroughs or collect ideas.

Create boards

Saved Pins are on your boards. Boards can be named and arranged in the profile however you like. You can also invite other Pinterest users to collaborate on shared boards and discover new ideas together.

Organize pins on boards by section. For example, on the Birthday board, you can create a Decorations or Party Games section to keep similar ideas together. You can arrange your Pins however you like. You can also add notes, create checklists or other reminders.

If you don’t want your Pins to be public, or if you’re keeping your celebration preparations a secret, you can make your board secret. Secret boards are only visible to you and the people you invite.

View your profile

Your profile contains all the Pins you’ve saved, the boards you’ve created, and the Pins you’ve tried. Here you can see who’s following you, as well as the boards and users you’re following. Your profile, with the exception of secret boards, is available to all users. When you view your profile, you are the only one who sees the secret boards along with the public ones.