9 ways to make money on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great opportunity to express yourself and your interests.

Millions of users enter the social network every day and enjoy colorful pictures.
Among other things, this social network is good because even a small hobby can be turned into a source of income. We will talk about this below.

Step 1. Create a themed board/boards. For example, if your niche is knitting, add a photo of a sweater.

Step 2: Add a photo or graphic to your board. Tip: In the Alternative Text field, it is better to enter more text. When a user attaches an image from your site, the text in the Alternative Text field automatically fills in the Pinterest description. Thus, each “pin” will have a detailed description.

Step 3. Repeat. It will take some time to attract subscribers. There are ways to speed up this process, such as posting on group boards.

  1. Traffic from Pinterest to the site Below we see the transitions from Pinterest to a niche blog for the period January-February 2019: Judging by the screenshots, on average 3,500 visitors come from Pinterest daily. Each user views 3.3 pages on average; per month is more than 300,000.
    You can add a Pin It Button to your site so that visitors can save images to their personal boards. You can advertise on the site (AdSense).
  2. Affiliate links Manual moderation, lack of information and 3 million monthly users – review of Bigo Ads (analogue of TikTok) You can link your “pins” with affiliate links. Pinterest allows this.
  3.  Paid access to “boards” If your “boards” have a lot of subscribers, you can test paywall.
  4.  Sponsored Pinterest posts are an opportunity to increase your traffic and get more visibility for your brand. Offer your clients sponsored placements and get paid for it.
  5. Promotion If you’ve had some marketing success on Pinterest, you can help out other bloggers or businesses for a fee. Beautiful pins, group boards, schedules, reposts – all this can bring success.
  6. Selling Pin Templates There is a market for Pin templates for those who love designing but don’t like working with clients.
  7. Selling a Promoted Account/Website How two brothers make over $200,000 a year answering emails People are buying and selling Pinterest accounts all the time. If you know how to create successful photo hosting accounts, you will have the opportunity to sell it along with the site that is associated with it. Buy an unpromoted account/board, make it popular, and then sell it. Or, create an influx of traffic to the site through Pinterest and sell such a web resource.

  1. Selling software that helps people market on Pinterest Tailwind is an example of software that helps people succeed on Pinterest. There are many expensive SMM tools out there. Tens of thousands of organizations and bloggers pay monthly fees to their creators.
  2. Paid courses If your project is successful enough on Pinterest, you can create training courses and sell them. Pinterest is one of the best traffic channels for many niches, and as such, there is some demand for marketing courses from people who want to be successful with this platform.

Bottom line There are a lot of ways to make money on Pinterest.

Take your interests, enthusiasm and hobbies by the hand – and go ahead to earn money. Not satisfied with the payment for the work done? Affiliatekin has vacancies with a decent salary for SMM specialists, copywriters and IT specialists in the Jobs section.